In Which Stephen Colbert Evades a Leather Bit by Turning Into Somebody Else

I think my beleaguered dude-in-distress has finally left his truthiness (and his atuteness) in the past and become truly Comic Actor Ivan Colt. I think I love him.  I definitely love Princess, and as an adult and a sex abuse survivor I feel for her; but as an adult and a partner, I feel for Ivan and the choice he has to make.  It is positively necessary that I write this story — it’s one of the stories that’s been trying to get out!  To make shockingly bold, I feel a bit like James Baldwin arriving in Istanbul with the suitcase.


Maybe someday Stephen Colbert will find out what desiring him inspired.  Though I think it’s best I never get to meet him.

This is for sure Colt. Look at that aspect.

Meanwhile, you ask (I hear you out there), what has become of Vlad and his party in the Carpathians?  The answer is, that manuscript is out again.  I mean out of hiding.  It may even be that I was getting so interested in it that I came up with something to distract myself.  I do that.  I sabotage things I’m supposed to be doing by having something vital come up that has to be dealt with immediately, and Oh-what-a-shame-I-have-to-stop-concentrating-on-this-other-thing.  I bet Stephen Colbert never does that. 

Colbert as St. Sebastian, the closest thing I could find to Colbert in bondage.

Incidentally, Light Up with Ivan Colt is an unashamed retelling of a story I tried to write when I was about nineteen.  But in that, the character now called Princess was smart, somewhat savvy even, and didn’t take a turn at all on the abducted man.  He befriended her precisely because she seemed so detached.  I still have (and love) the scene where she comes in and finds he’s been released, and is having a shower; when he emerges, she realizes that Derek’s bravado (in Paul’s absence) is from fear.  What’s the difference?  The difference is that I was writing her as I imagined myself to be then, while I am writing Princess as I know myself to have actually been at that age.

If you squint your eyes and use your imagination, he could be in shackles.
Look at that photo, by the way, with squinted eyes and imagination on the alert, and it can look like he’s shackled.
Okay, that’s it for now.   When I figure out how to upload my music, I’ll post everybody’s theme song. 

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