Poem: Men Named John

Men Named John


John, John, the poet’s son,

Stole my heart and away he run.


There came a man

Who, like the Baptist,

Shouted in the wilderness

 — The wilderness

Of steel and glass and sound

Of images of bloodshed

Machines of war —

And he dared to place love

Ahead of all else

Ahead of brotherhood — he dared

To say, This is my Beloved

My Rose of Sharon

Some say he destroyed his greatest creation

Others called him a martyr

But all he was saying was Give peace a chance.


Long ago a man named John

wrote a short epistle;

made some valid points thereon;

now this pithy vessel

fragrant with his good advice

bids us lift its lid:

If you say you walk with Christ,

live the way he lived.



This is the part to jtd7;

if he were the flour, I’d be the leaven;

if he were the groceries, I’d be the list;

if he were a boo-boo, I’d be the kiss;

if her were the doughnut, I’d be the joe;

if he were the mover, I’d be the snow.



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