NYC memories

Here it is: the most memorable date moment I ever had.

Running down Broadway in my stocking feet (the shoes were already ruined), under the video screens that made Times Square at 1am as bright as day; all because Dan thought the last train for New Jersey would be leaving Union Station soon.  So we skipped our after dinner coffee at Planet Hollywood, and Dan even managed to forget to sign the charge slip.  Fortunately the waitress caught us before we got out of the building.  I was carrying my purse and Dan was carrying my Fiddler on the Roof coffee mug that I later broke in a bad fall on ice outside my house in Pennsburg.  On the subway we shared a car with a grim-looking black guy.  I said to him, “You look like you live here.  What are all these people doing out at this hour?”  He said, “This is the city that never sleeps.”  We got to the station just in time, so we thought, and learned that the trains ran all night.

I would walk through fire for this man.

On the way to Manhattan, we were entertained by a group of loud, possibly tipsy but very happy blue collar workmen conversing in Spanish.  Dan and I started talking loudly in French, noting that one man had bad teeth and it was probably because he was chewing plastic at the moment.

And then the show, oh God.  Harvey Fierstein as Tevye.  The whole night was a memorable moment in my life, the kind that exists now only in memory.

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