Letter to the Editor


August 12, 2010 

Dear Editor:

Your editorial Tolerance, published on the first day of Ramadan, makes me ashamed of you.  Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, whom you refer to as “the cleric behind the Cordoba house,” doesn’t need your permission or approval to build a mosque anywhere he wants to.  This is America, the land of the free.  All of us, you included, can practice our religions wherever and whenever we want to and in view of anybody’s “shrine.”  Quakers, Muslims, Baptists, Baha’is.    Who are you to ask another American to step back from that protection, even voluntarily?  You mention (in a digression) the First Amendment – maybe you should read it again. 

9/11 was no more a “significant Islamic conquest” than Oklahoma City was a significant Christian conquest. I am sick of the press insinuating over and over that the World Trade Center survivors are entitled to their hate because they are grieving.  Grief and pain do not entitle you to hatred.  Ask any Jew; ask the Amish in Nickel Mines.  For God’s sake, read history!  We know this! 

So you suggest that the mosque be moved “further away from the hallowed site.”  No pretence of believing that the mosque too is holy!   Do you know what would happen if the Imam did as you request?  It would be another tiny step back from real freedom for all of us; the ink would start to fade on the words “an establishment of religion.”  Move a mosque?  Why not?  Next someone will ask Jehovah’s Witnesses not to knock on doors during Yom Kippur, and somebody will think it’s a reasonable request.  Then those pesky Catholics will be asked to wash that smut off their faces or else don’t come to work on Ash Wednesday.  It will start with polite requests and end up in laws, and what you propose today in well-modulated 12-point voice will be the battle cry of the next hate war.

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