I was sucked in.

I was tearing my hair out over that video.  I bet the creator would like to know that.  Maybe I should send him a link to the blog.

I do not hate gay men who take hostages to help them hide.  I hate being the hostage.  I hate that they think they have to.  This was all sorted out, written about, “worked through” in 1979.  It was the erotica more than the emotions that got me stirred up today.  The images of Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello are so erotic I can’t stop thinking about them.

What I need is something to get wild about that doesn’t involve Colbert.  But meanwhile, it was good to feel the old fire again.  I thought it had been extinguished.

Get up, stand up/ Stand up for your rights!/ Get up, stand up/ Don’t give up the fight!

We shall overcome!

Any day now, any day now. I shall be released.

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