Angel Tree

Spoiler alert.

Jane Cornwell has lived in the Outer Banks all her life, suffered every possible loss, and still can’t pull up by the roots and go somewhere else.  She revisits the pain while learning how to keep it from happening again.

The story of thousands, right?

And she winds up finding love, right?

From an angel?

I love this story.  I love it.  It’s gush and maudlinity told in spare language.  It was written start to finish and minimally edited.  It is Fan Fiction, and whether it’ll be changed for publication attempts or just reread for years by me is an open question.  In the story, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Paul Dinello, all magically ummarried, are in Duck, NC for a week, originally to finish a writing project but latterly to say To hell with writing and just have a cold spring visit to the beach.

Somebody must have said a prayer.  They meet Jane Cornwell and each of the four is infused with a reckless spirit.  People are getting both wounded and healed by other people’s words — not to mention the power of love.  Especially Unexpected Love.  And that includes a lot of sex.

Jane is forty, plain,  apparently not curvaceous (since she was mistaken for a man), and “addicted” to a rigid time schedule that includes rigorous exercise and a job involving keeping things in order.   She is confined by her roles as daughter and wife, though she has been neither for over ten years.

And all this is, of course, learned gradually.  Oh my.  I really love this story.

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