Another Story Finished

Lethe, the story of R. L. Jones and her unremembered odyssey, is finished.  I am happy.  I played around all day yesterday and finally reopened it this morning and wrote until, suddenly, I realized it was finished.  I’ve been editing it since, toying with the idea of writing the letter to the agent or writing one more story before doing so.  The last one clocked in at just under 5000 words, and I’d like the next one to be a little longer.

Still Waters?  Do I want to follow up on that one?  It features Samuel Bron, but only briefly.  If I knew more about radio stations I could have the  crisis and interview occur farther along in the story;  I could still do that if I were willing to have the rest of the story happen in, say Philly or Camden.  It’s supposed to be a small radio station with underpaid staff, many of whom can’t do each other’s jobs.  The DJ who interviews Bron has never doen it before, but I’m not sure whether she’s a news correspondent (as written so far, in the one paragraph or so that’s done) or whether she’s never been on air at all.  I’d like the experience to change her life, but as you know (yes, you, the only person who reads this blog) all three of the other stories have the theme of Starting Over.  I need to write at least on story about Not Changing a Thing.

I also need to come up with a reason Still Waters at Even has a Native American-sounding name.  I think I’m going to use the other two characters I created awhile back, the ones who have the last names Fells and Hickory, having taken them from their father, Fells a Hickory.  As I recall, the sister was an attorney.  Why the hell didn’t I write that stuff down.  Maybe the main character will change her name to something like Hawk Seer or Tears in the Garden or Throws Pots.

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