More on Still Waters

Her name was given to her by a spirit guide during a meditation.  She’s not Native American at all.  But this is moot, since, in the story I decided to write, she’s been dead for two years.

The story is going to wind up being about Kissie and her roommates.  Rue Malachi has had one line (on the phone) and what’s evolving is that Kissie is preparing to give him a lunch the following day.  I need for there to be a crisis of some kind.  I already know that Rue is going to Allentown to finish things up with a girl he got involved with behind Samuel’s back.  Maybe Rue will become interested in Kissie’s roommate Mona and that will anger Matthew, the gay roommate.  I don’t know yet.  It’s fifteen hundred words now and I’ve established pretty well what the three of them are like. It there’s tension I think it would have already happened.

Maybe Matthew will use the phone number he got off of Kissie’s phone to harass Rue, out of jealousy.  Hmmm.  This is getting to be the only way I can see this story developing.

I also wrote an 1800-word fantasy about Vlad and Stephen!  It’s great.  Why didn’t I write on the Kissie piece instead?

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