Vlad and Stephen

Vlad has fed on Stephen one time, when he was ill, and he was charmed.  He can’t stop thinking about Stephen, and finally visits him again, successfully seducing him.  Stephen’s unenthralled mind, however, is resistant, and he tries to give Dracula walking papers.  So the vampire abducts him, locking him in his London residence under the care of vampire Cray, who is living there under the name Kelly Quinn.  Vlad continues to try to win Stephen’s heart/allegiance, finally bringing Jon Stewart and threatening his life.  Will Stephen become Dracula’s lover to save the man he really loves?  Will Cray’s growing attachment to Stephen make him stand up to his Master?  Will Jon live through the night, and if so, will he fall under Dracula’s thrall?

Guy/guy erotica, bondage, and light torture.

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