Another Story Finished

I was calling it Hallelujah, but the intended theme turned away from “nothing on my lips but hallelujah: and more to “You’re getting there.”  It has a theme about cars, of all things.  It’s the Kissie story I talked about, Kissie and her two roommates, and it features Rue Malachi and Samuel Bron.  Samuel only gets one direct quote, and it was supposed to encapsulate the Whole Point.  I’m not sure it does.  It’s about 5000 words, under rather than over I think.

So I have Of Wings and Sapwood (10,000 words), Lethe (about 5000), All My Trials (5000) and the Kissie one, also 5000.  That’s about 25,000 words.  I don’t think that’s a book.  I think I need to do a few more, or, ideally, one more long one.  I would like to include 1991, the Vlad story that has Joe the gay hooker drunk, but I wonder how it would fit with the others.  Science fiction/fantasy.  Especially in a book with a story about angels.  Angels and vampires are so 1990s!  I’d have to call it Stories From the 1990s.  Hmmm.  Wait a minute.  This is sounding better.

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The Adventure of yesterday, Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I’ll start with some excerpts from my comments in the C-section of ColbertNation.

4:16 am — I AM FINE! Now. Susan, you are such a kind person.

You might say something happened. I have just returned from a seven-hour odyssey that included, in part, taking the wrong tunnel, getting lost in Manhattan, and going round and round (square and square) in the theatre district and not finding the right block (having left directions at home), getting pulled over, and finally stopping for coffee after the show had been over for an hour and learning from the diner guy that i was right across the street from the West Bank Cafe. i learned a lot-lot-lot about new York City tonight. Oh, and my jaw was swollen and pounding with pain from the extraction I had earlier today. Yesterday.

I am profoundly disappointed CRUSHED to have missed the show. I was looking forward to meeting you, Susan, and whatever other fan girls were to be met. My need to get out of this small apartment and small life are great, and yes, there are toher, closer ways to do it, but there’s nothing like a solo voyage.

Confession for the confession thread: I drove up to 54th St. and blew a kiss to the Colbert Report awning. God, that place is a dump on the outside, but what magic, what charisma, what matchless creative energy (and sexual energy) reside within.


SWJ, I never found out why the cop pulled me, but I suspect I crossed a line, because I had just placed a travel mug on the floor when the lights came on.  He just checked everything and asked where I was coming from (I had just left Dan’s, much closer to NYC than home,  where I got a coffee for the ride home) and the cop just made astute comments like, “I see you got a new registration — new vehicle?” Duh.  the day before yesterday, officer.  Also, if they can tell you aren’t drunk, they really don’t like to ticket school bus drivers.  My CDL has gotten me out of a lot of moving violations.

Confession!  I was glad I did it all by myself instead of with Dan, and I was unnatrurally happy to see him in the middle of the night.  It happens that he lives just a couple of miles off the natural route from my home to Manhattan, and on the way THERE I called and told him when i was passing his exit on 78.  Most of you would not know this without me saying so, but as a person with an anxiety disorder yesterday happening without the slightest freakout and, indeed, with a spirit of adventure and gratitude, is just a fucking miracle.


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