Another Story Finished

I was calling it Hallelujah, but the intended theme turned away from “nothing on my lips but hallelujah: and more to “You’re getting there.”  It has a theme about cars, of all things.  It’s the Kissie story I talked about, Kissie and her two roommates, and it features Rue Malachi and Samuel Bron.  Samuel only gets one direct quote, and it was supposed to encapsulate the Whole Point.  I’m not sure it does.  It’s about 5000 words, under rather than over I think.

So I have Of Wings and Sapwood (10,000 words), Lethe (about 5000), All My Trials (5000) and the Kissie one, also 5000.  That’s about 25,000 words.  I don’t think that’s a book.  I think I need to do a few more, or, ideally, one more long one.  I would like to include 1991, the Vlad story that has Joe the gay hooker drunk, but I wonder how it would fit with the others.  Science fiction/fantasy.  Especially in a book with a story about angels.  Angels and vampires are so 1990s!  I’d have to call it Stories From the 1990s.  Hmmm.  Wait a minute.  This is sounding better.

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