Linked Together

It would be more to the point to have all the stories linked if there were some theme running through them.  I could do alcoholism if I hadn’t already done the final edit on Of Wings and Sapwood.  But maybe the very idea of “linked” could be the link.  I am toying with a story taking place on Roanoke Island, featuring the Jones woman’s sister, and somehow incorporating the concept of Jane Cornwell.  That would create a link between Lethe and Wings, the former of which currently has no relationship to any of the others.  It doesn’t have to have a big scene or a featured role with one of the Angels like the other two do.

Great (?) idea: write a story whose very theme is the connectedness of all things.  Hmmm.  The connectedness of all stories?  All people?  Things repeat themselves, as Prof. Jones says?

Relations and Connections.  By blood, by marriage.

Connecticut.  Use Connecticut.  Ha, ha, K’Nex!  Connected at the hip.  Conjoined twins.  Bridges — from an island to the mainland,  or an island to a barrier island.  Letters, phone calls, psychic phenomena. 

I just noticed, dammit, that I have two women being rescued out of poverty.  I don’t want that.  Maybe I’ll make a point of having Bobby tell the sister that (choose R-name) has left him.  I want the reader to like her, but I don’t want to actually hold put hope that she’s going to be okay.  She’s a late-stage alcoholic.

I’m going to pursue the idea of Connectedness.  After all, we are all connected.

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