Okay, working on story #5, working title Connections.  It’s about the sister of R. L. Jones, living on Roanoke island with her son, and at some point Bobby will enter the nararative — either in person, by letter, phone call, or what have you.  He is supposed to answer the question How do I get there from here? with something like, “You face that direction and walk,” or, “If you’ve been led off the path, well, you head for the goal from this spot instead of that one.” 

Maybe Darwin has a mid-life crisis.  I had wanted to portray her as looking forward to the freedom of the empty nest — she’s obviously very connected to her kids.  Does she feel it’s too late to realize her dreams?  That’s kind of hackneyed.  Is ther some other crisis — death of R.L.?  I don’t want to kill her sister!  I won’t do it!  Maybe a series of bad news — R. L. in rehab again, R. L. off the radar.  I don’t want R. L. to be in this story!

I need to decide R.L.’s name.  I think I decided on Rachel.  Rachel Leigh Jones.

I have a note page with, among other things, a list of things that connect.  I am going to sprinkle them liberally into the story, possibly as a motif among the narrative describing Darwin feeling rudderless or adrift.

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