The Lie Detector Test

Colbert has returned from London and gives no explanation for his absence.

I didn’t have time to think, and whether Colbert did I can’t say.  It may be that he had drilled himself on vampire attacks.  Rob sprang forward and thrust him aside with a blow so hard his body knocked over two chairs, and by the time Colbert leaped, glassesless, onto the vampire’s back, the creature’s fangs were deep in my neck and I, still conscious, felt the blood running down my flesh.  Rob was groaning and holding me in a grip like iron, totally disregarding Colbert’s hands in his hair and his screaming, “Stop!  Stop!  You don’t have to kill her!  Stop now!  It’s me you want!”

I was touched by the proofs of his compassion, and as I rose out of my body I did what I had wanted to do all afternoon — stroked his cheek and ran my hand across the top of his head.  He had fallen off Rob’s back, and Rob now turned to face him.  His mouth and chin were stained with my blood and his eyes were shining like lamps.  Colbert, his face bathed in red light, was staring at my body, tears forming in his eyes.  He breathed in sharply and said, “It wasn’t necessary.”

“Silence, mortal,” said Rob.  He did not wipe his face, but he did not stop the human as he came to my body and straightened out my limbs, pulled down the skirt that had been pushed up revealing my underwear, and made the Sign of the Cross. I knelt beside him and said, Thank you, but he did not reply.

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  1. Hey Bentley! I liked this… Where can I read your other Dracula stuff and the beginning of this story?
    It’s really imaginative!
    Susan WJ

    • Um, unfortunately Susan, this is all that’s written of this one. Or more accurately, there are pieces of it written that seem not to be related to one another but which are in my mind. Some of them are “porn” and so are in LiveJournal, where i think you are friended and can see my stuff. There are one of two there that are not erotic but that are related to this, for ecample the one in which Stephen finds hiimself imprisoned in a fine home in London (wxcept he doesn’t know where he is) and meets a vampire called Cray. Cray is a previously human character from some other fiction of mine. Thy this:

  2. Oh! I’ll definitely give it a look when I have a little time to myself and I can curl up and read it.

    Hope this finds you doing well,


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