KONVISER! My name is Konviser!

I got my new Social Security card today — same number, new name.

Dan and I got married on August 27, my 50th birthday, in the face of oncoming hurricane Irene.  I have posted photos on Facebook, and this is an opportunity to say that I am involved in too many online sites and activities.  I had hopes of keeping a “real” blog and I’ve fallen short; but my silence here at Word Press doesn’t mean I’ve been idle.

Okay, I’ve been pretty idle.  I just today picked up the novel and read part of it, and for a couple of days I’ve tried to be creative with Connections — What happens? etc. — and Darwin and her family.  I have about decided to have Darwin discover a sex crime through the works she edits.  More on that later.

My bridegroom!

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