Not Complaining, Just Observing/Commenting

Okay, first:  it’s snowing.  On October 29.  They’re calling for six inches here in Graterford, PA, and for that reason I will not be going to Manhattan tomorrow — I don’t want Dan to drive here and back in this mess, leaving his parents alone in a house that might lose its power.  I have spent only a few minutes looking at the snow, because I am most physically comfortable here in my desk chair.

My right knee is messed up again.  It’s doing this thing were it pops in and out, and hurts beyond endurance if the joint is adjusted while it is.  And it won’t either straighten or bend all the way.  And it’s hurting really freakin’ bad — so bad I can hardly put weight on it.

I have a pulled muscle in my back that’s keeping me from using my right arm freely.  Okay, but I did take three ibuprofens, and it’s bothering me less.

The good news:  I am not depressed or even unhappy.  I sigh and eat banana bread and drink coffee and don’t feel sorry for myself.  My power is still on (my sister’s is out) and I haven’t even had to turn the thermostat up.  I know where my next meal is coming from, that’s for sure.  The snow is beautiful (I guess; I’ll go look in a minute) and I am inside, not outside like the people moving into the house behind mine.  There are cats here, slinking around looking beautiful and making me wheeze.  Stephen Colbert is not pestering me for attention.  Vlad is not nibbling my shoulder.  (They are currently occupying each other.)  I have hundreds of books.  I don’t feel guilty about the dirty kitchen because I can’t stand up to clean it anyway. 


And I really, really need to stop drawing in my notebooks.   Notebooks don’t grow on trees.  I have several sketchbooks, and several very fine drawing pencils, but it’s inconvenient to leave them lying around on desks and tables, and it’s hard to carry them from room to room, and I haven’t seen a pencil sharpener since I moved here.

Know my worst problem today?  COPD?  No.  Sour milk?  No.  Watched all the episodes of Law & Order UK on the DVR?  No.  Son living somewhere else?  No.

I have no way to go out and get cat litter.

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