Review of the Colbert Report Taping

GOOD TO THE HANDICAPPED!  <insert five stars>

Do it.  Go see Colbert in person.  He is magical.  But you know that; this review is for the disabled who might wonder if it’s worth the discomfort and inconvenience.  The answer is:  It was for me.  The Audience and Security Dept’s bent over backward to accomodate me. 

I had corresponded with the Audience guy in advance, and was asked to describe what my limitations were and what I’d need

When I arrived (just before they started taking people in) the sign-in person was expecting me.  I didn’t have to wait in the Awful Fenced Holding Pen (where you are no longer,sadly, allowed to write on the wall) — I perched on the outside stairs until they took in the few VIPs, then my husband and I were admitted first, and a chair was waiting for me in the Awful Crowded Holding Room (God, it must have been awful to STAND for over an hour).

The bad:  When I had to use the rest room during the wait, the room was so crowded I was squeezing between people and tapping on shoulders.  If you (like me) carry a heavy oxygen tank, and walk with pain, it can be challenging.

When they started calling ticket numbers to let people into the studio, they had us wait until last, when we were seated at the end of the first row.  But when you see the studio you realize there are no “bad seats.”  The fun part of my seat was that I was closest to the interview table — if I had spoken to the guest, I wouldn’t have had to shout.  And Stephen was, well, RIGHT THERE.

The fifth star is for the staff’s consideration.  I have to say — the wait and the crowded conditions were very, very off-putting.

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