Push Bars Again

Here is my latest volley to the company that runs the studio on W. 54th Street.  This gentleman sent a long letter reassuring me that they abide by all FDNY codes.
Dear Mr. Willig,

First of all, thank you for addressing this issue.  It took me five months to figure out who to address, and at least two emails to the wrong persons were supposedly forwarded to you, but not answered.  Please note the highlighted items below.

What you probably did not notice were the 2 security agents processing the audience members as you entered the building. One of the agents is stationed near the metal detector and adjacent to the double  doors.During the time the audience is in the building the locks to the doors are open.

My visit was in June, and at the time I was in that room the doors were locked with a slide bolt.  When I talked to a security man after the taping, expressing my concern about that lock, he pointed out that it was an easily-opened lock.  I replied that that wouldn’t matter in the event of an emergency, and he said it was a mute point “unless somebody goes home tonight and blogs about it.”  I said (and it was a lie), “That’s what I intend to do.”  He replied darkly, “Dont!”  

As you noted, there are 2 doors equipped with push bars in the event of an emergency as required by building code, you probably did not notice additional emergency exit doors in the studio that have emergency exit signs that guide you to them.

Are there push bars on those doors?  There weren’t in June.  Have you seen the push bars yourself, or are you taking the word of the staff at Studio 54?  This is all I care about here, push bars.  I appreciate what you’ve given me about the security, and I appreciate your information about the sprinklers and the fire code (and sorry it took that subject line to get any attention), but what I want to be assured of is subsequent installation of push bars.  If you tell me, “Yes, I or my agent have seen the push bars on those doors, and we have instructed the security staff not to lock that door during audience processing/rehearsal” then I will consider this a closed issue.


I just complained to NYC, Complaint #2047, being given to Engine Co. 40.  When I visited the TCR studios last week (long story — late, waited for STC, didn’t see him) I went to mingle with the guests leaving, and damned if there were still no push pars.  And the holding room looked even smaller than I remembered it.

So now it’s in the FDNY’s hands.

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