Girl in Hyacinth Blue

This post is under construction.  These words are just C&P from Facebook, and I’m going to make them Simpler, Smoother, and Better.

I recommend this highly. I advise you don’t read the Reader Reviews or anything that might influence what you bring into it; it’s a short read, it can be bought cheap, and it consists of eight chapters that each comprise a separate beginning-to-end story.

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  • Bentley J. Bentley J. But here’s my observation: I am practically reeling at how accurately thhis author sees into the artist mind. She must have made visual art herself. I am an artist and writer both, and I thrilled at how, in simple language, she described the artist and would-be artist seeing their surroundings as color and light and composition, seeing strange beauty in everyday objects not only in themselves but as metaphors. If you’ve never stared at an eye, catching light on its glossy surface in whatever amount allowed by its thick or sparse canopy of lashes, it you’ve never wished the person would look more toward the light so you could decide which pencils you would use, then you have never known what some people do all day every day — or you’ve never known until now. This book will tell you, and not in dry polysyllabic prose but in the fleeting visions of a person going about every day life in the middle of an engaging story full of diverse characters.
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