I have too many weblogs.

This is the 99th post!  

I have too many weblogs.  I have one for Walking Among the Dead, one for what might be called “erotica,” and this one for everything else.  Those of you who visit this one know  it’s a combination of actual journaling, snippets of fan fic, and photos I like.  It contains more than a few rants.  I want to divide it into different pages so people who actually like me and are interested in my ruminations don’t have to pick through the dreck to find the chrysolite.  And make no mistake, there’s chrysolite here.  This is Bentley.  Bentley has chrysolite in the pocket of her jeans.

I also want to start using this instead of posting long, long statuses on Facebook.  That is not what I joined Facebook for.  I joined Facebook to keep in touch with a lot of people at once, whom I wouldn’t otherwise be constantly emailing or calling.  That’s what Facebook is good for.

So here’s the plan:  I will post Facebook stati such as “Leg pain!” and “Dan is coming tonight!” and “No snow yet.”  I will also post all my awesome links there, and if I’ve blogged something I like I’ll mention it.  And I will use Bentley’s Blog to complain, celebrate, philosophize, ponder, share poetry (also in Notes, over there), and in general be the Bentley that used to inhabit the MSN Groups.

I’m sad and sorry there’s so little accomodation for discussion here, but I need a place to expand my soul.  And remember, all Feedback and Comments welcome — as long as they don’t hurt my feelings.

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