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My other email account has been comromised. Don’t open any mail from me that doesn’t sound like ‘me” in the subject line, and f’God’s sake don’t open the links inside, because I don’t know if they’re spam or viruses or what. Sorry, y’all. Idon’t know how this happened.


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One by Sprig Botnick

Love’s Hangover 

Let flow once more the beery froth

Of warbled words from hands of sloth

(You know, that sloth with hands, that sings

And soils the bar with hop-some rings);

Now shall these lines be scanned by that ‘un

Who tramped my heart like Gen’ral Patton,

And broached my walls, and staunched the flood

Of my heart’s river’s pulchritude,

To whom I give a withered heart —

Surrendered, silenced, parched, apart —

A heart that vomits in the sink,

Whose only hope’s that morning drink.




Sprig Botnick

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vers libre

Skydeck Kiss, Richmond 1984 

that day, high above the city,
when you bent your face to mine
and so slowly kissed me,
and the only movement was the beating of our hearts,
and the only sensation was the warm
sweet wetness of your lips on mine,
that day the world stood still.
Far below us
petals set dancing by the wind
hung motionless in the crystal air;
cars became still,
the river lay twisted, a noiseless ribbon of light;
a woman in a coffeehouse
sat still as a painting,
her hand outstretched in gesture,
spirals of smoke from her cigarette
blue circles in the silence;
clocks halted, time stopped, seconds
to tick by, like the drawn breath of Earth
the moment before Eden’s first sunrise;
the voices of the spheres held one pure
perfect note amid the motionless stars.
With the touch of your lips
I comprehended all the piercing joy from Alpha to Omega;
and when the kiss was ended,
Nature’s pulse throbbed with a deeper richness
and the colors of her palette shone brilliant
in the world’s new vision.


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And now, something highbrow.


For but a moment did we lift
Our voices in Love’s holy song;
The hours of passion were too swift
To pass — the lonely nights, too long.
Anon, your vigilant heart receives
Repentance’s clarion, high and clear,
And our melodious verses here
Are turning pages, falling leaves. 

In that white silence first I saw
For what alone I love you best:
The love of God’s unchanging Law
Burns like a torch within your breast.
Yet would I quench that fire divine,
Your sinner’s wages would I steal,
And barter holiness to feel
Once more your burning lips on mine. 


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Thanksgiving 2011

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