Stephen Colbert, Holy Rood, and My Parents.

This was taken in Holy Rood Cemetary.  The date is accurate.  I am the child in the red coat.

We lived in a house that had originally been a caretaker’s house in this Catholic cemetary. How about that!  We spent several years there, and only left when we did because the house was condemned.  I don’t remember many details of that time, but I came years later to understand that we were very poor.

I’m sort of embarassed to be so happy that we lived so close to the hospital where Stephen was born just a few months after this was taken.  (i was born there too, as were the other three kids you see here — there were eventually five.)  Before learning that the Colberts lived in Bethesda at the time, I had come to imagine that they probably knew my parents.  If you had been a Catholic, active in the parish business of Holy Trinity, and working in the Civil Rights Movement, you would have known them.  Every parish we belonged to brought them in contact with people with whom you would not expect them to mix, because they were just so remarkable and brave.  My dad was an actor (not how he supported himself) and they were both what Stephen calls his parents; that is, like him I was “raised by intellectuals, who were very devout. I was raised to believe that you could question the church and still be a Catholic.”

About three years before I “discovered” The Colbert Report, I began attending Mass again, not regularly, and not because I didn’t condider myself a Baha’i anymore.  It was because I can’t stand the way the baha’is around here worship.  I retturened to the Chrurch and felt the presence of God and finally, as an adult, truly understood what was being read and said, and I understood the miracle of the Eucharist and had to admit that it would probably mean more to me to take it now that it did all those years.  (Of course i didn’t.)  

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