A Disturbing Story-Dream

I had a dream last night that seems likely to  indicate that I had entered on a course that would be hard to get out of and was stopped just in time to avoid misfortune or tragedy.  It was a pretty open-and-shut thing; here it is:

I am driving a car, bound for somethere in particular.  I seem to be in a residential area.  I turn left onto a street and only realize as I do so that there’s a sign saying No Outlet or Dead End.    

The street isn’t deserted.  There are other people on it, and some cars parked on the edges.  One side has some fields and a wooded hill going up, in which lights can be seen; people are hiking and throwing a ball or something.  The road might be gravel, and it seems bumpy or holey.  The margins are grass.

The people who watch me drive by seem unfriendly and possibly disreputable.  The car behind me turns out to be a police car, and I get pulled over.  I’m not sure if it’s night or day at this point, but it isn’t until I have talked to the policeman (about a light or something?) that I get out and realize I was about to go off an abrupt drop of about six feet. 

At the bottom of the drop is a long green field, apparently a soccer field.  Some kids are playing in the distance.  Against the foot is a step that a sure-footed person could jump to and then step down to the grass, and for a moment I think maybe a car could do it too, like bumping down stairs;  but then I realize that a car certainly could not, that if it went over it would be wrecked.  I observe that there should be a railing here, or at least a sign.  In fact, I check for a sign, and there isn’t one. 

I walk back to the intersection and enter a house there  and when I emerge I talk to some of the people on the porch.  There is a conversation of some kind about watches.


Now what?  Could this be referring to the surgery I was going to have?  If so, it’s easy to conjecture that the unmarked drop could refer to medical complications or side effects.  I don’t know if that’s what it is.

This was the end of a much longer dream that involved people on stage, me walking into a city, and a lot of other things, including a very disgusting scene in which I am ordered to give some guy head in a business of some kind that I and others have entered and which is invaded by some kind of Bad Guys.  When I shout in outrage, reporting what he did, people don’t believe me.  this is doubly disturbing because the night before I had a long dream which included a scene in which I was sexually assaulted.  Neither one involved intercourse, and in neither one was I traumatized per se but in both cases I shouted enraged and descriptive accusations, forcing myself to say what was done to me and trying to get the perp arrested — and nobody believed me.  Two nights in a row.  (Like that dream I had right after I declared my Faith, in which I tried to drag a rapist out of a car and the people with me wouldn’t help.)

Looks like I’ve switched topics here.

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