Interpreting the Dream


I have already gone in a direction from which it will be difficult to turn back.  However, it is not impossible.  It could have been much worse.  It’s not because I didn’t see the warning signs — there were no warning signs to see; I even double-checked.

I don’t know why I went this way when it would have been so easy to turn back when I realized there was no way out except the way I came in.  I didn’t feel scared and I didn’t feel apprehensive.  I was looking for something in particular and this seemed like a possible place to find it.

Disaster has been averted.  Now what do I do?  I can park at the side of the road and check out some of the activities; I’m not in danger while I’m out of my car.  Or  I can back, very carefully, to the intersection and continue my search.  I’m not going to get anywhere here, and I’m not going to find what I want. 

I need to get off this road.


Part of me has been violated and is yelling out for the rest of me to help, but being ignored.

That sounds silly, but in theory it’s what I need to examine first.  Okay, I can think of a lot of ways I’ve abused my body and mind. I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  The sexual aspect is hard to imagine applying to myself in any way — it dedinitely stands for something else.  the oral sex suggests eating, and the fully-clothed act-out of intercourse — I don’t know.  the man who does that is deeply mentally ill and somewhat out of touch with reality, as am I; I wonder if this is saying that I’m violating myself without compete understanding of what I’m doing, maybe of the right and wrong of it. No, the crazy guy knows what he’s doing, and there’s no doubt in my mind as I yell for help that I consider him responsible as well as accountable.  But he doesn’t seem scared of consequences.  Nobody believes me anyway; maybe he expected this.  No, this is delving into areas I can’t apply to myself.

I know nothing is going to happen to me.  I know I can continue with impunity.  All the awareness in the world never changed a thing if it didn’t lead to action.

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