Why We Once Has a Cell Phone Plan

The reason I insisted, a few years ago, on having cell phones with Dan is so that I can reach him at any time.  Now that we use home phones, I am at the mercy of the people whose phone he uses!  I am stuck on a page of my tax return until his mom gets off the phone from her friend.  Once when I called him early in the morning, she questioned me on whether it was necessary that I speak to him right then.  I had never before (or since) called him that early.

And the reason we got rid of the cells, in addition to our dissatisfaction with the service, is that Liz once accidentally looked at our bill (she thought it was hers) and percieved a three-month charge as what we were paying every month.  She persuaded him that it was an unnecessary expense.

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Advice to Harley

I have been thinking about the circumstances of your upbringing, on which you lay the blame for your financial challenges. I had hoped that my working so hard for most of your life would set an example. If you want to change the way you handle money, you need to take charge and set some boundaries. Figuring out why things are the way they are never changes a thing. Concerted effort does.

SCHOOL: this semester may be your last chance. Go to classes and get through it. It doesn’t matter what you think of other people — sometimes you have to grind your teeth and accept the fact thay they’re unreasonable. Think of how you deal with you boss’s inability to communicate. There will someday be a situation where you have to work on a daily basis with soerbody you have to struggle not to hold in contempt, and you won’t be alble to say, “Oh, it’s only for a semester.” IT’s up to you to correct yourself.

MUSIC: Keep playing. Stop building. School is more important. ImmerSlo will still be there this summer. Creative energy can be channelled to productive energy.

Once you are not enrolled you will have to pay 30% of your income for rent and contribute about $200 a month for groceries. You will also have to help with utilities, not necessarily half, which run about $350 per month. Plus car upkeep, gas, etc. You will have less to spend on concerts (which I agree are an important part of life) and pleasures. “Quality of Life” expenditures will be more like dinner and a movie once a month.

FINISH SCHOOL. Put everything else on the back burner. Contact the English teacher and give her a story.

I love you more than anything.

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March 2, 2012

This was the first day of the Baha’i Fast, which I am not observing this year. Here at the top of Washington Rock I can see, beyond the little bit of state park outside Dan’s glass kitchen doors, a small portion of faraway, bluish horizon that I know to be somewhere between the Manhattan skyline and the bridge over the Verrazano Narrows. I wonder how many of my brothers and sisters are in that immense space, sipping water and getting ready to eat their dinners. I who am already sated send them prayers.

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