I’ve Quit Another Website

The powers that be, on <deleted>, have warned me once again about “borderline inappropriate” posts — this one being a comment affixed to a photo of Stephen embracing his wife, under which I wrote, ‘I want him to hold me like that.”  I guess they resent my suggesting he should sin.

Previously it has been suggested that I am stalking Stephen and his family.  I looked back over the posts and understood how a person of conservative and scrupulously careful demeanor could construe it that way.  Okay,  I am certainly obsessive, and it shows.  So I posted disclaimers and thought it would close the matter.

This makes me weary.  I hate being scolded more than i hate being misunderstood.  I want Dan to be here and tell me how wonderful I am, but he is home where he belongs, and I have to get up in the morning. 

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This is not a blog entry.

I lied.  It is.  It’s just not a funny or informative one.  

I want to say I’m tired and hungry, and I just realized I am free to eat something and lie down in front of my fan.  Any time I find cause for complaint about my life, I need to remind myself that when I’m hungry i can eat and when I’m tired i can lie down.



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My lungs are toast.

My lungs are toast.

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One-Point Villanelle to Dan

So named because it was written as extra credit for English 102.


One-Point Villanelle to Dan  


I love this guy a whole, whole lot.

I want my name to be Konviser.

But he’s refined, and I am not.


I’d have his baby like a shot, 

I wouldn’t tell you any lies, sir,

I love this guy a whole, whole lot.


He doesn’t care that I’m a sot

(Recovered) and own stock in Pfizer,

But he’s refined and I am not.


I know one heart is all I’ve got, 

But knowing, I am none the wiser —

I love this guy a whole, whole lot.


He reads aloud to me, Great Scott!

Sappho and Hemingway and Dreiser.

But he’s refined, and I am not.


A polished gal, as like as not, 

He’ll marry someday, and he’ll prize her!

I love this guy a whole, whole lot,

But he’s refined, and I am not.









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Harley Has Another Meltdown

Harley destroyed his computer last night.  He’s fine now.  He left the house at 3am and returned after noon today, obviously Better.  I had forced myself to lay in bed with my CPAP on and eventually I did sleep, after what seemed like thousands of prayers, mostly, “Take care of my boy.  Take care of my boy.  Take care of my boy.”  After he returned he seemed to want to finesse any discussion, but I ascertained that he had returned to his senses and tried to get him to tell me What He Would Do Different.  I made him agree that destruction of property, expensive or otherwise, is not an acceptable way to express frustration.

The HP cost more than my computer, or anything else I’ve ever bought other than cars.


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