I’ve Quit Another Website

The powers that be, on <deleted>, have warned me once again about “borderline inappropriate” posts — this one being a comment affixed to a photo of Stephen embracing his wife, under which I wrote, ‘I want him to hold me like that.”  I guess they resent my suggesting he should sin.

Previously it has been suggested that I am stalking Stephen and his family.  I looked back over the posts and understood how a person of conservative and scrupulously careful demeanor could construe it that way.  Okay,  I am certainly obsessive, and it shows.  So I posted disclaimers and thought it would close the matter.

This makes me weary.  I hate being scolded more than i hate being misunderstood.  I want Dan to be here and tell me how wonderful I am, but he is home where he belongs, and I have to get up in the morning. 

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