My Blog is Public

— but it is not serious, well-written, or recorded to any purpose.

I have discovered that people find it by Googling the names of my husband, my son, and the actor (Stephen Colbert) I have a crush on.

This is my first post addressed to readers other than myself.  I apologize if you’re disappointed by what you find here.

I for one am delighted with my own words, my careening between silliness and morosity, my wont to make up words, and the complete lack of preparation and care given to the content here.  I am impulsive and changeable, and what you see is what I pretty-much-am throughout the day.

If you shuffle through this melange at all you will discover that I write a pithy and professional business letter, an A+ essay for most English classes, and some heart-wrenching poetry.  There is also some whining.  There is a lot of nonsense.  I live for nonsense.

I’m the mom that brings casserole to every potluck.  Some people curl their lips.  And some people say, Mmmm, another casserole!  What is it this time? 

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There are so many small household things I need that I hate to ask for on Freecycle. Like, I don’t want to say, “Please give my the curtains you aren’t using, but not if they’re ugly.” Or “Several of my dining chairs have broken, and I need two or three more; they don’t need to match (none of ours do), but they must be able to support three hundred pounds and they can’t be ugly.” I don’t deserve Freecycle.

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