English 265

Once again my Creative Writing teacher has given me feedback I disagree with.  But she gave me all the points, so I can live with her (mainly positive) comments.  Suggestions are too much like criticism to me, and I process them the same way.  I feel sorry for this woman.  She has sixty students and as far as I can see not enough time to work with any of them.  I have to be honest:  talent and creativity aside, I am so much more “advanced” a writer than most of my classmates that she probably feels relieved to read my work.  

I have not had the Jump Start I expected from this class, and I have enough insight to realize it’s me, not the work.  I can’t pinpoint any particular source of my current depression and lack of motivation; I know only that it’s been getting worse for about two years.  I still have boxes in my room from when I moved in twenty-two months ago.  I was going through one today.

I have, however, written a little bit on my book!  The novel.

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