Jon Stewart: in my dreams, literally.

Okay, seriously? There is some symbolism going on here. I dreamed AGAIN about Jon and Maggie Stewart. i do appreciate that my Spirits have been telling me to love the Inner Child, but why inject Jon? How is he my Inner Parent? it’s his wife whose parenting I talk so much about.

In one part of last night’s DREAM, I am in his suite in some place we are both staying (somehow we are “equals” and it’s okay for me to use his shower while he was out) and I use some pomade he had on the vanity. I also check out the personal items he’s brought to make it “homey,” among them a framed sheet of children’s lined paper with Maggie’s first written sentences. The bathroom is a mess, towels on the floor, etc.

A few days earlier:

Last night’s DREAM: I am in some sort of public building, mall-like, that is open for people to wait out a hurricane that’s expected to be bad. Jon Stewart is here, apparently as some sort of Hurricane Host. Much occurs not involving him that I’m skipping. I seem to be in a wheelchair. I decide to roll over and ask him if he’s tired! (He’s been there something like 29 hours.) He’s not there, but Tracey (his wife) and the kids are, so I ask her to pass the question on to him. I also remark that as the Mom she’s probably even more tired. Little Maggie seems taken with me, and as I roll away she is holding her hand to my lips and giggling as I kiss it over and over. I see Jon coming to watch the kids so Tracey can go eat, and I think how freshly-pressed he looks and what a pro he is. I hope he sees me with Maggie, because if he can tell she likes me he’ll probably speak.

+  +  +  +  +

Inner child.  Giving love.  Writer.  Safe.

Inner parent.  Doing a good job with the Inner Child.  No lack of love and nurture.  Protecting Inner Child.

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