Articulated Need

So this guy runs a folksy and descriptive ad in the local Freecycle offering a “grubby” table that was used by his daughter and roommates, and he says that articulated need will impress him more than speed of pickup. I sent him this:

My need for a grubby old table is debatable and not easy to articulate. We have a kitchen table of those dimensions, but we can’t stand it because it’s about sixty years old and the two drop leaves are held up by wobbly metal things that no longer hold them parallel to the center panel. The angle is small but annoying and unattractive, and our dinners are accompanied by creaking. My grown son is constantly saying we should dispose of this table even though it’s maple and my mother got it when she married. On the other hand, neither of us wants to eat off the floor. If you have not found somebody more deserving, e. g., somebody who has no table at all, i would like to put my son in contact with you to arrange a time to take this off your hands. We live in Graterford and my station wagon is not running, but he has friends with pickup trucks, and his college semester just ended and he’ll usually bend over backward to help me because I’m Old and Sick and he owes me money.

His reply:

Thanks for your note and the smiles it gave.  I did get a couple of those snippy ‘I’ll take that … sent from my iPad‘ kind of responses which is exactly why I put that comment in my post in the first place so no, I have not found anybody without or more deserving.

How about this?  Send your son over, accompanied by you if you wish and feel up to it, to take a look at the table.  If you want it, and he agrees to invest the ‘elbow grease’ to clean it up and make it decent you can then send him back when convenient to collect it. It’s not costing me anything as I don’t have to feed it or clean up after it and that side of the garage is a lost cause anyway, being mostly filled with my daughter’s things.  If you should decide not to take it no harm done.

My address is [in Collegeville] and I’d guess it’s about ten minutes from Graterford. I can send directions if you need them.

I work from home, so pretty much any day is fine with me so just let me know what works for you and your indebted offspring.  If you want to wait until after Christmas or after the New Year that’s absolutely fine.  I will not do anything with it until you have had a look at it.

Merry Christmas & Season’s Greetings,


* * * * * * *

Dan and Har picked the table up a few days ago.  They reported that the guy was “real nice” and spoke with an English accent.  The table is perfect.  It’s in better shape than the one we gave back to Margaret, and it’s sturdier.  It’s a little longer than the other one, so we had to put the short end against the window and bring it outward into the kitchen.  That’s how I wanted the old one, but Har felt that having the long side against the window “opened the room up more.”

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