Food, in freezer and out

I am having trouble planning meals.  I’m supposed to be eating four meals a day, four small meals a day, and I can’t fit that many in.  I have compromised by trying to plan three meals and a snack.  I am concentrating more on number and frequency than on content, though I did give up sugar on Feb. 1.

In the last week I’ve made and frozen, in portions, two “special” meals — chicken chili and chicken tikka masala with rice.  I have a total of seven “portions” frozen   If I allot one per day, add a sandwich as one of the meals, and round out the day with oatmeal, I should be able to have a pudding (sugar-free) or what-have-you in there somewhere.  I want to get the routine down before I start minimizing the size of my meals.  (Actually, I have — after all, I usually eat a sandwich and chips, or two sandwiches, not to mention the usual two portions of skillet food.  But it’s going to get much, much smaller.)

I’m going to make an inventory and a very specific food plan for tomorrow, then I’m going to have a sandwich.  The food plan will contain water and lengths of time between water.  I will worry tomorrow about whether I do it perfectly.

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