i was hacked.

Everybody in all my address books has gotten an infected link from this address. I’m sorry Please DON’T OPEN ANY LINKS from me. If you opened it, please run a virus scan.

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Harley Jones

Harley Jones

This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.

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Tree with Snow

Tree with Snow

Just one of the beautiful sights from my porch.

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It’s already 1:00, and I have not done a single thing on my list for today.  Here is the list:

  • look at English work
  • assemble bills
  • balance checkbook and make decisions
  • stack up papers on table and sort out the ones requiring action
  • eat a reasonable breakfast

Is that so much to ask?  I also have laundry and desk stuff to do, but I want to make the list attainable.  Why can I not face it?

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Good MLA Reference


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What to do when your protein goes down.

Funny dream thing of the week:  Studying a booklet of instructions, I read, “As soon as you see your protein go down, drink wezblenka and lactolade.”

I love my dreams!

Wezblenka.  I’m going to take a Sharpie and write WEZBLENKA on my lemonade bottle.

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