Bariatric Surgery

Specifically, a gastric bypass.  It happens in less than two weeks, but the process of getting all the clearances has taken something like ten months.

I am just too tired to write about the appointment I had today.  My surgery is on May 28.  I am now on day two of what they call a liquid diet, to prepare my liver, but actually I can have two cups of vegetables a day.  Yuck.  I am having protein shakes (3-5/day), Crystal Light, lots of water, sugar-free Jell-o, and, in my case, coffee.  Just one cup, and I make hot chocolate out of it.  I’m allowed skim milk, but only in protein shakes.  I’m really glad I switched to skim so long ago, because I actually like it.  The worst part is being here for hours and hours alone.  Usually I have a great deal of gratitude for my porch, my rockers, and my quiet apartment, but sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in the world.  Today I was at Einstein Hospital for over four hours, meeting with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, and getting tests and x-rays made.  I had to do a  lot of waiting around because of needing to be wheeled everywhere.

My highest weight was 330, but today in the office (and this makes it my official Starting Weight) the scale said 299.4.

Here is a very pretty Before picture, taken at Aunt Kathleen’s house after Christmas 2012:


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